03 June 2010

i'm giving in.

too many things have recently happened to make me want to blog.
read on good reader, read on.

1) today i went to the academic advising center place thingy on campus, to see if i will ever graduate. this is an excerpt from the conversation.

advisor: "so you have 80 credits that transferred in, and it takes 120 to graduate. so you need 70 more."

me: "uhhhh....."
*internal thoughts: if you have a degree and are that stupid, i don't want a degree!

2) got my hair cut yesterday. typically when i go in for a haircut, they wash my hair. so i didn't wash it (that's normal, right?) okay so no washed hair, going in for the cut! ready set go! okay, so i go. she takes it out of the ponytail, then free hand cuts it! no washing, rinsing, wetting, nothing. scary! i still haven't fully checked out the damage.

3) jokes from math.
yes, i was making math jokes. not learning about math. whoops.

multiplication: all because two numbers fell in love.


a least common denominator is the smallest same number for a denominator that will work when adding or subtracting fractions.

i wonder what the least common denomination is on BYU-Idaho campus.
buddist? muslim?

okay, maybe you had to be there for it to be funny.
or maybe you have to be in my head.
either way.......

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