16 June 2010

6/16/2010 12:41:23 AM

Don’t feel good. Cant sleep.

Strong box:

Okay so at a relief society meeting this week (I’m working on saying that, and not enrichment), my visiting teacher shared with our relief society something she has called a strong box. It’s a glorified shoebox, one of those photo boxes I think they call it, and she puts things in it that give her strength, mean a lot to her, bring back memories, etc. I want to call mine a happy box. So I thought, I’ll just put stuff in the box that will bring back old memories and ill just cry and it will be a depression box and then I’ll want to burn it, but I’ve decided to do it and so far this is what I’ve got in it, in no order:

A Logan Temple schedule, from the Young’s sealing…a result, from my mission

Max the mouse… from my mission

A picture of my friend Hannah and I, my best friend, a companion… from my mission

My first not limited use temple recommend… from right before my mission, I used it my whole mission and when my mom came to IF to the temple…when I was on my mission

The sparkle pillow they gave us when we were in the mtc, on my mission

An ancient 4 color pen… from my mission

A baptism program, from Will’s baptism…a result, from my mission

A sacrament meeting program from when Zach blessed his baby, a result, from my mission

A ticket from the Humor U show, when I saw Abi, my twin, I met on my mission

A ticket from the St. Louis Cardinals game, nothing to do with my mission, but if you know me, you know
I bleed Cardinal red!

a mini Utah license plate “Jesus Loves Me”

and The stuff they gave me in the box.

See a pattern?

…how powerful and influential the gospel and my mission is in my life, and what a part it plays, and how if these are the things that make me happy and give me strength…wow. Awesome. And it’s just the beginning! I owe it all to my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ. I really am so blessed. Even though I’m a punk sometimes. Okay, like most the time. But really, it’s a grateful box. All the things in this box remind me of really how blessed I am, the stuff in the box really just represents great experiences I have been blessed to have and be a part of. This box screams GRATITUDE to me, and as I’m grateful I really am happy and receive that strength I need!

07 June 2010

Does anyone see a problem with this?

04 June 2010

Isn't he lovely?
I think i wet my pants. I'm pretty sure almost dying and wetting your pants is NOT part of the bible story
No lie, i just almost died. I decided to be a good sameritan and get a box out of the highway. And a car swerved on to the shoulder and nearly got me.

03 June 2010

It is not a vain thing for you; because is is your life. deuteronomy 32:45-47

Well it's a good thing i got a daffy duck bandaid out of the deal because she stabbed me so hard i'm going to have a bruise until after the millennium

i'm giving in.

too many things have recently happened to make me want to blog.
read on good reader, read on.

1) today i went to the academic advising center place thingy on campus, to see if i will ever graduate. this is an excerpt from the conversation.

advisor: "so you have 80 credits that transferred in, and it takes 120 to graduate. so you need 70 more."

me: "uhhhh....."
*internal thoughts: if you have a degree and are that stupid, i don't want a degree!

2) got my hair cut yesterday. typically when i go in for a haircut, they wash my hair. so i didn't wash it (that's normal, right?) okay so no washed hair, going in for the cut! ready set go! okay, so i go. she takes it out of the ponytail, then free hand cuts it! no washing, rinsing, wetting, nothing. scary! i still haven't fully checked out the damage.

3) jokes from math.
yes, i was making math jokes. not learning about math. whoops.

multiplication: all because two numbers fell in love.


a least common denominator is the smallest same number for a denominator that will work when adding or subtracting fractions.

i wonder what the least common denomination is on BYU-Idaho campus.
buddist? muslim?

okay, maybe you had to be there for it to be funny.
or maybe you have to be in my head.
either way.......