16 December 2010

i'm a wanderer....

i have decided i need to be more positive, and therefore, i am making a list of the reasons i am excited to move:

(in no particular order...i promise...)

mesa temple
bass pro
i can get my guns
and my hats
flip flops
running outside
nice weather
dont have to drive in crappy weather
go swimming
get a tan (maybe...)
close to california!!!
new faces
old faces
new places
old places
in and out burger
panda express
i know my way around
living in arizona increases my odds of:
     staying the night in a wigwam
     going to meteor crater
     floating the salt river
cheap flights to california
cheap flights to idaho falls
bahama bucks
show low dairy queen
Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus and Climate :D
okay....that's all i've got for now...yay!

03 December 2010

phone pictures

i love putting the pictures from my phone on my blog.  really , thats like the main reason i have a blog.
in maine when i went to see hannah...sunset @ peaks island

doesn't everyone give their baby drugs?
whoo!  thanks for the explanation! i was worried!
a shout-out to christie dobbs.
no comment
jazz game with kim. 
lifelong dream of seeing steve nash...booyah!
edy enjoying halloween.
i decided to be a nice person and donate blood.
they hit my artery.
the bag filled in 3 minutes.. 
(notice that it is REALLY full...)
and more bruising...from donating blood.
notice that it's ten days after the initial draw.
note that one month later it's still not perfect.

16 June 2010

6/16/2010 12:41:23 AM

Don’t feel good. Cant sleep.

Strong box:

Okay so at a relief society meeting this week (I’m working on saying that, and not enrichment), my visiting teacher shared with our relief society something she has called a strong box. It’s a glorified shoebox, one of those photo boxes I think they call it, and she puts things in it that give her strength, mean a lot to her, bring back memories, etc. I want to call mine a happy box. So I thought, I’ll just put stuff in the box that will bring back old memories and ill just cry and it will be a depression box and then I’ll want to burn it, but I’ve decided to do it and so far this is what I’ve got in it, in no order:

A Logan Temple schedule, from the Young’s sealing…a result, from my mission

Max the mouse… from my mission

A picture of my friend Hannah and I, my best friend, a companion… from my mission

My first not limited use temple recommend… from right before my mission, I used it my whole mission and when my mom came to IF to the temple…when I was on my mission

The sparkle pillow they gave us when we were in the mtc, on my mission

An ancient 4 color pen… from my mission

A baptism program, from Will’s baptism…a result, from my mission

A sacrament meeting program from when Zach blessed his baby, a result, from my mission

A ticket from the Humor U show, when I saw Abi, my twin, I met on my mission

A ticket from the St. Louis Cardinals game, nothing to do with my mission, but if you know me, you know
I bleed Cardinal red!

a mini Utah license plate “Jesus Loves Me”

and The stuff they gave me in the box.

See a pattern?

…how powerful and influential the gospel and my mission is in my life, and what a part it plays, and how if these are the things that make me happy and give me strength…wow. Awesome. And it’s just the beginning! I owe it all to my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ. I really am so blessed. Even though I’m a punk sometimes. Okay, like most the time. But really, it’s a grateful box. All the things in this box remind me of really how blessed I am, the stuff in the box really just represents great experiences I have been blessed to have and be a part of. This box screams GRATITUDE to me, and as I’m grateful I really am happy and receive that strength I need!

07 June 2010

Does anyone see a problem with this?

04 June 2010

Isn't he lovely?
I think i wet my pants. I'm pretty sure almost dying and wetting your pants is NOT part of the bible story
No lie, i just almost died. I decided to be a good sameritan and get a box out of the highway. And a car swerved on to the shoulder and nearly got me.

03 June 2010

It is not a vain thing for you; because is is your life. deuteronomy 32:45-47

Well it's a good thing i got a daffy duck bandaid out of the deal because she stabbed me so hard i'm going to have a bruise until after the millennium

i'm giving in.

too many things have recently happened to make me want to blog.
read on good reader, read on.

1) today i went to the academic advising center place thingy on campus, to see if i will ever graduate. this is an excerpt from the conversation.

advisor: "so you have 80 credits that transferred in, and it takes 120 to graduate. so you need 70 more."

me: "uhhhh....."
*internal thoughts: if you have a degree and are that stupid, i don't want a degree!

2) got my hair cut yesterday. typically when i go in for a haircut, they wash my hair. so i didn't wash it (that's normal, right?) okay so no washed hair, going in for the cut! ready set go! okay, so i go. she takes it out of the ponytail, then free hand cuts it! no washing, rinsing, wetting, nothing. scary! i still haven't fully checked out the damage.

3) jokes from math.
yes, i was making math jokes. not learning about math. whoops.

multiplication: all because two numbers fell in love.


a least common denominator is the smallest same number for a denominator that will work when adding or subtracting fractions.

i wonder what the least common denomination is on BYU-Idaho campus.
buddist? muslim?

okay, maybe you had to be there for it to be funny.
or maybe you have to be in my head.
either way.......

12 May 2010

a blog a blog there are so many blogs, is there a need for my blog??

i'm not sure what i'm gonna write about. or if this has purpose. however, my roommates think i'm funny and that's good for my ego. and yeah, i'm afraid of being a jerk by making a blog, but if you don't like it, don't read it...right? so here goes nothing.