22 February 2012


Looks like I let almost a whole month get away from me without updating my blog.  Looks like I must have been busy.  Which is a good thing, I've been staying out of trouble.  Mostly.  So an update for all of you who don't read my blog...

I've been team teaching a 6th grade natural disasters class.  I love it.  I love teaching. I picked the right major. I'm happy.  And blessed. YES.

I was in a stand-up comedy show. It went well. People laughed. Email me if you want the link.

I got a new phone. And a new phone number. Kinda traumatic because I had the same phone number since the beginning of time.  The new phone is way fancier than I need.  Has the internet.  WOW.

Valentine's Day came.  And went.  Not traumatic.  Ate a great hamburger.

There has been lots of talking to stuffed animals.

I'm still obsessed with sports.

Life is good.  I am blessed.

I got 100% on a midterm.  That NEVER happens.  It's given me motivation to do homework and study now, since there is actually hope for me.

I feel like something else has happened.  I don't remember.  Oh well. If it was important...I'd remember. Or if you were here...you'd know why I can't remember.

Over and out.

"Charity is a defining characteristic of a disciple of Jesus Christ"

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  1. hey you gotta refriend me on facebook. I can't find you anywhere...and I miss you